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Washington Gas Files Application New STRIDE Plan in Maryland

Washington Gas Files Application New STRIDE Plan in Maryland

On June 15, 2018, WGL filed its Application for approval of a new gas system Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement Plan (“STRIDE 2”) and an accompanying cost recovery mechanism to become effective January 1, 2019. The estimated cost of the initial five year period of Washington Gas’s gas system infrastructure replacement plan (2019 to 2023) is approximately $393.6 million. WG proposes to fund the costs of the accelerated infrastructure replacement through a surcharge cost recovery mechanism, the STRIDE surcharge. AOBA is reviewing WG’s Application and will be intervene in the case. A PSC decision is expected by mid-December, 2018.

The proposed monthly STRIDE surcharges by customer class are shown in the chart below.

Billing Class

Estimated Monthly Surcharge

Residential Heating/Cooling


Residential Non-Heating/Non-cooling


C&I Heating/Cooling <3,000 therms


C&I Heating/Cooling >3,000 therms


C&I Non-Heating/Non-Cooling


GMA Heating/Cooling


GMA Non-Heating/Non-Cooling