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RECAP: Constellation September Energy Market Intel Webinar

Topics included:

Summer Weather Recap: On track for 5th hottest since 1950, how did we do in our forecast?

Preliminary Winter Outlook: What does a neutral ENSO imply for winter patterns?

Fundamentals: Strong power burns limited storage injections in July/August, maintaining y-o-y storage deficit and offsetting higher production. Storage could finish October at 3.4 Tcf or lower, lending support to Winter 2019 pricing.

Propane & Ethane: During the past five years, U.S. exports of propane have skyrocketed and in 2019, 50% all propane produced will be exported, up from a small amount a few years ago. We will examine the changes in the U.S. propane market and the new price drivers in the market resulting from the ramp up in exports and look at some takeaways relative to the ramp up in U.S. natural gas exports.

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